Helen’s secret eating disorder

Helen Flanagan
Helen Flanagan
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HELEN Flanagan, the girlfriend of former Wigan footballer Scott Sinclair, has admitted she had an eating disorder.

The ex-Coronation Street actress, who has been dating Scott Sinclair for two years, told Now magazine that she was diagnosed with ‘borderline anorexia’ when she was 15.

She admitted that bullies at school and the pressures of being on TV affected the way she viewed her body.

She said: “I started watching everything I ate and counting calories.

“When I saw how good I was at keeping myself skinny, I couldn’t stop.

“I’d lie to my parents, saying I’d eaten, when I had not.”

Helen, who played Rosie Webster in the ITV soap, admitted her weight fell to under seven stone and she shrunk to a size four.

When her parents noticed, she sought help and is now happy with her more fuller figure.

She claims her relationship with Scott, now at Swansea City, has given her more confidence and she couldn’t be happier.