Help us choose our Pub of the Year

Pub of the Year
Pub of the Year

WE all have different ideas of what makes a perfect pub.

Do you prefer a cosy traditional ale house, with comfy seats, crackling fire, the happy hum of background conversation and a pint?

Perhaps it’s the banter and cheer of a buzzing street corner boozer, or gleaming city bar, craft beers and rustic snacks? Yes, pubs are a haven of solace and authenticity.

Tell us who balances charm and history, service and sympathy, a well-stocked bar and hearty food, all pulled together with effortless professionalism.

Who should make the top ten from our list of nominees?

To vote, pick up a copy of the Wigan Evening Post (any day) or Wigan Observer (Tuesday) and fill in the coupon.

Closing date for votes is 10am on Friday, October 16.

Please note, unfortunately we can’t accept any photocopied or defaced coupons; coupons delivered by hand or after the closing date.


01 Millstone Inn, Wigan Lane, Wigan

02 Fox & Goose, Wigan Lane, Wigan

03 The Bowling Green Hotel, Wigan Lane, Wigan

04 The Swinley, Coppull Lane, Wigan

05 Fifteens of Swinley, Upper Dicconson Street, Wigan

06 Dochertys Hotel & Bar, Upper Dicconson Street, Wigan

07 Griffin Hotel, Standishgate, Wigan

08 Bellingham Hotel, Wigan Lane, Wigan

09 Hartleys Emporium, Standishgate, Wigan

10 The Brocket Arms, Mesnes Road, Wigan

11 Albion Ale House, High Street, Standish

12 John Bull Chophouse, Coopers Row, Market Place, Wigan

13 Moon Under Water, Market Place, Wigan

14 The Anvil, Dorning Street, Wigan

15 Raven Hotel, Wallgate, Wigan

16 Hart’s Bar, Barracks Square, Wigan

17 Old Pear Tree, Frog Lane, Wigan

18 Little Fifteen, Wallgate, Wigan

19 The Boulevard, Wallgate, Wigan

20 Berkeley, Wallgate, Wigan

21 Colliers Arms, Frog Lane, Wigan

22 Bird I’Th Hand, Gidlow Lane, Wigan

23 Cherry Gardens Hotel, Wigan Lane, Wigan

24 Swan & Railway, Wallgate, Wigan

25 Bel Air Hotel, Wigan Lane, Wigan

26 Silverwell, Darlington Street East, Wigan

27 Brickmakers Arms, Woodhouse Lane, Wigan

28 Springfield Hotel, Springfield Road, Wigan

29 Orwell, Wigan Pier, Wallgate, Wigan

30 Douglas Bank, Woodhouse Lane, Wigan

31 Crown Hotel, Wigan Road, New Springs

32 Red Robin, Anjou Boulevard, Robin Park, Wigan

33 Colliers Arms, Wigan Road, New Springs

34 Kirkless Hall Inn, Top Lock, New Springs

35 Amberswood Tavern, Manchester Road, Ince

36 Boars Head, Wigan Road, Standish

37 Bold Hotel, Poolstock Lane, Wigan

38 Last Orders, Wallgate, Wigan

39 Hare and Hounds, Billinge Road, Pemberton

40 The Hawk, Carr Lane, Wigan

41 Ravine Club, Belle Vue Street, Pemberton

42 Victoria, Haigh Road, Aspull

43 Balcarres Arms, Copperas Lane, Haigh

44 Crooke Hall Inn, Crooke Road, Standish Lower Ground

45 New Inn, Ratcliffe Road, Aspull

46 Bird I’Th Hand, Wigan Road, Hindley

47 Wiganer, Wigan Road, Hindley

48 Edington Arms, Ladies Lane, Hindley

49 Hindley Arms, Market Street, Hindley

50 Hare and Hounds, Ladies Lane, Hindley

51 Old Springs, Spring Road, Kitt Green

52 The Venture, Billinge Road, Highfield

53 Number Fifteen, Ormskirk Road, Pemberton

54 The Globe, High Street, Standish

55 The Derby Arms, Castle Hill Road, Hindley

56 Fishergate Inn, Orrell Road, Pemberton

57 Owd Kess, Victoria Road, Platt Bridge

58 The Banner, Banner Street, Hindley

59 Standish Unity Club, Cross Street, Standish

60 The Lychgate Tavern, Church Street, Standish

61 Gerrard Arms, Bolton Road, Aspull

62 Castle On T’Hill, Castle Hill Road, Hindley

63 Black Bull, Market Street, Standish

64 The Poacher, Holmes House Avenue, Winstanley

65 Beeches Hotel, School Lane, Standish

66 The Vale Royal, Gathurst Road, Orrell

67 Plough & Harrow, Broad O’th Lane, Shevington

68 The Shamrock, Preston Road, Standish

69 The Mount, Orrell Road, Orrell

70 The Crown at Worthington, Worthington

71 The Stag Inn, Orrell Road, Orrell

72 The Bucks Head, Warrington Road, Abram

73 The Charnley Arms, Almond Brook Road, Standish

74 The Dray King, Long Lane, Hindley Green

75 Victoria Inn, Atherton Road, Hindley

76 Silver Tally, Shevington Moor, Standish

77 Park Lane, Downall Green Road, Ashton

78 Spinners Arms, Atherton Road, Hindley Green

79 The White Crow, Chorley Road, Worthington

80 Robin Hood, Sandy Lane, Orrell

81 Alexandra Hotel, Hindley Road, Westhoughton

82 Running Horses, St James Road, Orrell

83 The Wheatsheaf, Miles Lane, Appley Bridge

84 Delph Tavern, Tontine Road, Orrell

85 White Lion, Church Street, Up Holland

86 Star Inn, Bank Top, Up Holland

87 The Boathouse, Mill Lane, Appley Bridge

88 The Station Sports Bar, Station Approach, Appley Bridge

89 Britannia Inn, Hall Green, Up Holland

90 Fifteens @ The Fox, Roby Mill

91 Sams Country Inn, Appley Lane South, Appley Bridge

92 White Lion, Mossy Lea Road, Wrightington

93 The Victoria, Ormskirk Road, Up Holland

94 The Cross Keys, Bolton Road, Ashton

95 Pit Pony, Low Bank Road, Ashton

96 Hare & Hounds, Up Holland Road, Billinge

97 Harrow Inn, Edge Green Lane, Ashton

98 The Holts Arms, Crank Road, Billinge

99 Caledonian Hotel, Bolton Road, Ashton

100 The Red Cat, Leigh Road, Hindley Green

101 Robin Hood, Bolton Road, Ashton

102 Simms Road Inn, Garswood Road, Garswood

103 Stanley Arms, Ormskirk Road, Up Holland

104 The Tamar, Wigan Road, Leigh

105 Sir Thomas Gerard, Gerard Street, Ashton

106 Golden Lion, Gerard Street, Ashton

107 The Red Lion, Gerard Street, Ashton

108 The Commercial Inn, Heath Road, Ashton

109 The Hingemakers, Heath Road, Ashton

110 Kings Arms Hotel, Warrington Road, Ashton

111 Squires Bar, Main Street, Billinge

112 The Bay Horse, Warrington Road, Ashton

113 Railway Hotel, Station Road, Garswood

114 The Stag Hotel, Station Road, Garswood

115 Eagle & Child, Main Street, Billinge

116 The Stork Inn, Main Street, Billinge

117 Plough & Harrow, Ormskirk Road, Up Holland

118 Prince William, Beacon Lane, Dalton

119 Nevison Inn, Park Lane, Leigh

120 Beacon At Dalton, Beacon Lane, Dalton

121 Chapel End Labour Club, Main Street, Billinge

122 The Corner House, Wrightington

123 Waggon & Horses, Wigan Road, Wigan

124 Miller & Carter, Parbold Hill, Parbold

125 Masons Arms, Carr Mill Road, Billinge

126 Thomas Burke, Leigh Road, Leigh

127 Rigbye Arms, Whittle Lane, Wrightington

128 White Lion, Leigh Road, Leigh

129 Ale House, Henrietta Street, Leigh

130 Yates, Lord Street, Leigh

131 The Whistling Wren, Turner Way, Leigh

132 The Musketeer, Lord Street, Leigh

133 George And Dragon, King Street, Leigh

134 Spinning Jenny, King Street, Leigh

135 Waterside Inn, Canal Street, Leigh

136 White Swan, Ormskirk Road, Pemberton

137 Britannia, St Helens Road, Leigh

138 Old Toby Inn, Skelmersdale Hall Drive, Skelmersdale

139 The Boars Head, Market Street, Leigh

140 The Grand Central, Queen Street, Wigan

141 Doc’s Symposium, Mesnes Street, Wigan

142 Tap ‘n’ Barrel, Jaxon’s Court, Wigan

143 Blundell’s, Wigan Lane, Wigan

144 Belle Vue, Woodhouse Lane, Springfield

145 Prince of Wales, Woodhouse Lane, Springfield

146 Miner’s Lamp, City Road, Kitt Green

147 Last Orders, City Road, Kitt Green

148 Brookhouse Inn, City Road, Pemberton

149 The George, Wallgate, Wigan

150 King William Hotel, Liverpool Road, Platt Bridge

151 Harry’s Bar, Wallgate, Wigan