Hollyoaks green light for Amber

Amber Hodgkiss
Amber Hodgkiss

A WIGAN actress has been given another shot at starring in a popular soap, following a controversial child killer storyline.

Amber Hodgkiss, 21, of Hindley Green, was due to appear in Channel Four’s Hollyoaks last month, playing Chrissy, the friend of a child killer.

But show producers were forced to drop the plot as it was too similar to the tragic case of murdered two-year-old Jamie Bulger.

But now Amber has been offered another role as Caroline, a psychiatric nurse with a hidden agenda.

Amber said: “My agent rang me a few weeks later and they were pleased with my last part, so rather than audition, they offered this role.

“I play Caroline. I don’t know much about her, except she has a six-year-old son. She used to work in a mental institute when Jake Dean was there and she became friendly with him.

“Jake goes on the run because everyone thinks he had something to do with Holly going missing. She looks after him, but time goes on and you realise there are some serious issues.”

Amber was disappointed when her character was axed last month, but was delighted she was able to return.

She said: “I was made up that I was back again with the crew and cast.

“It was good to get to play two different people. The first time was a learning curve, so it was not wasted at all.

“I feel lucky to have been given another chance to join a great show. Plus I was able to work with Melissa Walton, who plays Loretta, again. I get on particularly well with Kevin Sacre, who plays Jake, as I am with him most of the time when filming.

“I’m loving it. It has been absolutely brilliant. It is a dream job. I am like a child in a sweet shop.”

Amber, who has starred in Grange Hill and a feature film – The Spell – said she was unsure how long she will appear in the soap, but began filming last month.

Catch Amber on Channel Four weekday nights at 6.30pm.