Hollywood role for Jamie?

Jamie Lomas
Jamie Lomas
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FORMER Hollyoaks hunk Jamie Lomas may have landed himself a big movie deal.

Jamie, who is engaged to Ashton actress Kym Marsh, has spent the last few months in LA trying to get roles during pilot season.

He has been staying with fellow Hollyoaks pal Ricky Whittle and it seems his influence has paid off, as Jamie Tweeted: “WOW, Great weekend. Been in talks with a writer, director about a new film. Excited, Watch this space.”

Meanwhile, Kym laughed off a recent magazine report that she doubted her fiance’s prospects, especially as her ex-husband, Jack Ryder, had failed.

The Coronation Street star told followers on Twitter: “Ha! What a pile of (rubbish) they talk! Why don’t ya call and check your facts first (sic)”

She continued: “I love when some mags say a source says.... That is code for ‘we have nowt so we’re making it up’.”

But Kym has been busy with Coronation Street to bother about daft rumours.

She is currently tangled up in a big murder plot, and revealed last week her character Michelle could be in the frame.

Viewers are left guessing the culprit and Kym revealed son David, 16, and daughter Emily, 14, have also been pressed for answers.

She said: “Everybody wants to know. I get asked all the time and even my kids do. The dinner lady at school says, ‘Come on, who did it?’”

She may be sworn to secrecy but Kym admits she does know the identity of the killer.

She said: “It’s been great because nothing has got out. “It is frustrating if things leak out before we want them to because it spoils things for the viewers, so it is particularly pleasing that it has been kept secret so far.