You've been framed: the picture-perfect Wigan Picture Framing Company and Gallery

Catering for all imaginable framing needs, The Wigan Picture Framing Company does what it says on the tin. Offering high-quality workmanship across a wide range of bespoke frames and mounts, the business is owned by Lynne and Winston Higham, and even boasts its own art gallery to boot.

Wednesday, 30th October 2019, 12:52 pm
Zack and Lynne Higham at The Wigan Picture Framing Company.

"We cover a huge range of artistic sectors," explained Lynne, 62. "My husband is a part-time artist, which is how the story unfolded; he's worked all over the world and has always been into painting. He used to design a lot of pub interiors and it evolved from there.

"We used to have a picture framing business incorporated in the interior business and about two years ago my husband started painting more, so we decided to give the framing business a go," added Wigan-born Lynne. "We realised artists didn't have anywhere to showcase their work so we got involved in art groups and held exhibitions.

"He's gone back to his passion," she said of her husband, also from Wigan.

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The Wigan Picture Framing Company

The shop's gallery, at which Winston is resident artist, boasts a diverse spectrum of art by northern artists including Christine Cummings and Julie Langan, as well as a variety of sculptures oil paintings, photography, acrylics, watercolours, jewellery, and fused glass art. Winston - found most weekends in his studio - is available for commission for bespoke pieces, too.

"Everything's very eclectic; we have a range of styles from artists who paint as a form of expression and enjoyment," said Lynne. "We happily showcase work we feel would appeal to the public, who we feel have shown a growing interest in work from local artists which is individualistic.

"Every day is different," she added.

Lynne, co-owner of The Wigan Picture Framing Company.