I don’t like reggae, I love it

Jeramiah Ferarri
Jeramiah Ferarri

LAUNCHING their first EP, ska and reggae outfit, Jeramiah Ferrari will be hosting a launch gig this weekend.

Letters Inn in Atherton will see the four-piece, from Leigh, perform tracks off the record, entitled The Cactus Killer, which has taken months to record.

Kicking off at 8pm, Jeramiah will be joined by friends Liberation, who have an equally distinctive ska sound, and Truro.

Lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Ryan Barton, 20, said: “We have independently released this EP, which has six tracks on it.

“The first three tracks show our chord range and how we can really do a great ska sound.

“And then the rest of the EP is a contrast which tends to go a bit darker and more dubstep.

“We wanted to show people that we are able to do a mix of genres, and I think it has come out really well.

“We are looking forward to the launch and it will provide locals with a chance to get a copy of the EP.”

Alternatively, fans can grab a copy of the EP by getting in touch with the band via Facebook.

The six-track EP was recorded at three separate studios in Manchester, one being Salford University.

Ryan added: “I’d say we are most impressed with the tracks that were recorded at the university.

“It took us about four months to record it.

“We wanted to get it absolutely right, we wanted it to be perfect.”

Jeramiah Ferrari, which is also made up of Hanson Pollit, 18, on bass, Stu Welch, 20, on drums and Josh Aitchison, 19, on guitar, came together six months ago after performing in other bands.

The lads are also due to release their first single, Might Sparrow, with On The Grind records on June 20.

Jeramiah were the first act to be discovered by On The Grind label creator, Neil Jarvis.

Although not a fan of reggae, Neil was hooked on their individual, yet funky, style seeing them live for the first time supporting a London band.

Only 250 copies of the debut single are available.

For more details on the band and on the single launch, you can find Jeramiah Ferrari and On The Grind on Facebook.