Iris has stars in her eyes

Iris Lyon
Iris Lyon
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MEET seven-year-old Iris Lyon ... a little girl with a big talent.

The youngster, a member at Willpower Youth Theatre, has been signed up to star in a new advert for toy shop Smyths.

She has been with the group for two years and through that has registered with an agency.

Iris’s mum Zoe said: “There were a lot of children there, there are about eight in the advert.

“They took her into a room and she had a line to say. She was telling me afterwards that, because it was all about playing outdoors in the summer, they were asking the kids what they like doing.

“Iris told me she would be playing golf but I don’t know where that came from! They all had to say their line over and over.”

The Standish youngster left a lasting impression on the judges who thought she was perfect for the part.

The news came as a surprise to the family but they’re all extremely proud of their little star.

“She’s really excited,” added Zoe. “We kind of said to her ‘we’ll just go and have fun and forget about it’. We didn’t expect her to get picked. She did really well though; we’re so proud.”

It goes without saying that the teaching Iris has had at Willpower has played a huge part in her landing her first role.

The theatre group provides classes and puts on plays in which its members can act.

And Zoe is full of praise for what the staff have done for her daughter.

“Iris been there since she was five and she absolutely loves it,” she added. “She’s just recently moved up to the junior class from the infants.

“She’s been going pretty much every week since she joined, They’re absolutely brilliant, we think they’re wonderful. The plays they put on are amazing and Iris has been in a couple of those.

“We’ve been to them all and we’re always watching and thinking ‘oh they’re one to watch.’ There are some really talented kids there.

“It’s was really cute when Iris did her first show. The tots all come on and do their own little scene, it’s lovely. I was looking online and a few who are finishing because they’ve turned 18 and there’s just an outpouring of emotion.”

Willpower is as usual running two summer schools from either Monday, August 3 to Saturday, August 8 or Monday, August 17 to Saturday, August 22.