It’s a baby boy!

Catherine Tyldesley and Tom Pitfield
Catherine Tyldesley and Tom Pitfield

CATHERINE Tyldesley and her fiance Tom Pitfield have announced the birth of their baby boy - Alfie.

Standish-born Tom posted on Twitter on Wednesday March 18; “Welcome to the world Son. Alfie James Pitfield. @Cath_Tyldesley you made the happiest man in the world. Thank you x”

We made a wish and you came true. Welcome Alfie James Pitfield

Catherine Tyldesley

And Catherine, who recently left her role as Eva Price in Coronation Street, wrote: “We made a wish and you came true. Welcome Alfie James Pitfield. We love you beyond words @TP_PTfitness #Besotted.”

She has been keeping fans up to date with her pregnancy via her blog with Hello magazine. In her most recent post two days before she gave birth, she said: “Now, we’ve all heard the ‘old wives tale remedies’ for babies past their due date. In this country we class a full-term pregnancy as 40 weeks, but in other countries its 39, 42 and 43 weeks!

“My lovely friend, former Coronation Street actress Lucy Jo Hudson, gave me some fabulous advice a couple of months ago – keep busy on your due date! Only five per cent of babies arrive on this ‘guesstimate’.

“If you sit around the house waiting for baby to arrive on your due date, chances are you’ll be disappointed! Especially if it’s your first baby. So, off I went – on my due date, to have a day packed with pampering and socialising!”

And Catherine even found time to make cakes in aid of Help For Heroes via its Bake for Heroes campaign -