It’s bean to the future!

IT’S a genuine Wigan CAR-puccino! This astonishing Back To The Future-style contraption startling shoppers started life as a 20-year-old Ford.

But While Marty McFly and The Doc fed their DeLorean on trash, this Guinness record breaker percolates along on coffee waste.

Deputy store manager Tina Radford, project manager Martin Bacon, chief engineer Ben Day-Preston (front) and project manager Colin Davidson, right

Deputy store manager Tina Radford, project manager Martin Bacon, chief engineer Ben Day-Preston (front) and project manager Colin Davidson, right

The extreme-green auto, which is capable of hitting 60mph, arrived at the Standish Co-op in School Lane during a London to Manchester tour of Co-ops promoting the stores commitment to Fair Trade Fortnight.

But it is unlikely to take the grind out of commuting because the sheer cost of the engineering solutions adopted mean that it costs up to 50 times more than a conventional petrol engined saloon to run.

It was constructed by eco-engineer and conservationist Martin Bacon and will do three miles per kilo measure of ground coffee.

Or, as the boffins have calculated, an ultra-nerve-jangling 56 espressos per mile!

The coffee bean car also has to stop about every 60 miles or so while the filters – or should that be coffee filters – are thorough cleaned of the soot produced by the burning process.

It recently set the Guinness World Land Speed Record for a car of its kind.

And the visit to Standish was part of a UK-wide tour that aims to raise the profile of the growing Fairtrade movement.

This year marks a decade since The Co-operative Food converted all its own-brand coffee to 100 per cent Fairtrade and Standish shoppers were able to collect a free sample to enjoy later at home.

Manager of the Standish Co-op store Gary Howarth said: “It’s vital that we educate people about the Fairtrade movement and the power it has to change lives.

“I’m sure the eye-catching tour of our coffee car will certainly spark conversations around the subject.

“Whether a coffee-producer in Guatemala or a tea producer in Kenya, Fairtrade enables people living in some of the world’s poorest countries to escape poverty and empower themselves and their families.”

Mr Howarth said that the Co-op was “at the very forefront” of the Fairtrade movement.

And has continued its commitment by adding new ranges of Fairtrade products every year.

The company was proud to be celebrating 10 years of 100 per cent Fairtrade own-brand coffee with the “fantastic fortnight” of events with its Standish shoppers.

He pointed out that the Co-operative’s “unique” sourcing policy went beyond delivering typical Fairtrade premiums to suppliers.

It now means the business providing additional investment to communities across the globe, helping them improve sanitation, productivity, education and training.

The Co-operative is the UK’s leading supermarket supporter with its extensive Fairtrade range, coverings everything from chocolate to fruit and nuts, cereals, hot and cold drinks, cakes and a market-leading wine range.

To encourage shoppers to switch, The Co-operative is offering a selection of deals on a wide variety of Fairtrade products throughout Fairtrade Fortnight.