Jack is aiming to make a splash!

Jack Beveridge
Jack Beveridge

A YOUNG sportsman is going the extra length to raise money to help his junior rugby team enjoy a tour to Wales.

Nine-year-old Jack Beveridge decided to hold a charity swim after Orrell rugby union’s nines and 10s team announced they needed some help to fund a short tour of Wales for their budding young rugby talents.

Jack, a keen swimmer who trains at Wigan Wasps, set himself the task of swimming continuously for one hour, and hopes to raise around £400 so the team can visit an outdoor adventure centre while on tour.

Despite his tender years, Jack has thrown himself into the fund-raising, going around the neighbourhood himself in order to collect sponsorship money.

Proud mum Nicola, 32, said: “Jack loves his swimming and has already done quite a bit of distance work in his lessons, so he’s very confident he will be able to swim continuously for the whole hour.

“The team were just discussing different ideas for how they could raise the money and Jack just came out with it one night and said he wanted to do a sponsored swim.

“We were quite taken aback, but he’s worked really hard on it, going out to get sponsorship on his own initiative.

“It’s really nice for him to say at such a young age that he wants to do something to help, and understands you have to put something in to get something back.”

Jack, who attends St Mary’s Primary School, has already raised around £300 for the challenge, which will take place at the Nye Bevan pool in Skelmersdale next week. His determination to help the Orrell team is especially impressive considering he is still in his first season with the team after crossing codes from junior rugby league, which he had previously played with Ince Rose Bridge.

Trying to keep up a high level of achievement in rugby and swimming can prove difficult, but Jack is determined to pursue both his sporting interests.

Nicola said: “It’s impossible for him to choose between them at the moment, they’re both level par.

“He was torn between rugby and swimming because he’s supposed to train at both on Wednesdays and Sundays, but he’s got round that by giving up the rugby on Wednesday so he can go swimming, and playing for Orrell on Sundays.”

To sponsor Jack, email nicola@orrelljuniors.co.uk