Jimmy’s banter fails to impress coffin full of rats

Jimmy Bullard
Jimmy Bullard

JIMMY Bullard proved he was all mouth and no trousers when he became the only jungle celebrity to throw a challenge early.

And now he faces the public vote-off.

The ex-Latics player was in the first set of three to compete in Terror Tombs, where he had to lie in a coffin, filled with rats, and wait for a key to drop to let himself out. But he freaked out, calling out “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.”

He said: “I could not take it. I couldn’t get out quick enough.”

This was a far cry from his pre-challenge war cry to boost morale as he sang: “We will survive wallabies,” before being corrected as the team was wombats.

But the battle song proved futile as they were at a disadvantage as they had lost the previous two battles and had fewer members.

The wombat team proved no match for the opposing galahs and now Jimmy faces the public vote, alongside Mel Sykes, Carl Fogarty and Tinchy Stryder.

Meanwhile, on Saturday night’s show, Jimmy and Jake Quickenden had a jovial spat, where the sportstar referred to himself as the “governor of banter”.

After the former X Factor singer made a quip that he thought Jimmy looked like Michael Buerk to which Jimmy took offence, saying: “You are calling me a 68-year-old man. That’s nasty in a way. You are out of your league with your banter and it is embarrassing.”

He also made reference to Jake being voted out of the X Factor early, implying he had no skill and didn’t deserve to be there.

But later on in the bush telegraph, he told cameras: “Me and Jake always have banter. It’s devilish banter - survival of the toughest. I was brought up with animals - I can’t be beaten and I let him have it.”

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