John can’t Whaite for same sex marriage

John Whaite
John Whaite

GREAT British Bake Off champion, John Whaite, has backed a campaign to legalise same-sex marriages.

Wrightington-born John has joined many other celebrities in calling for equal marriage rights for gay couples that protect religious freedoms.

The former Winstanley College student has been open about his sexuality from a young age and is currently living in Manchester with his partner Paul.

He said: “I feel same sex marriage is a basic and fundamental human right, and to prevent it is nothing but an infringement of that.”

The Conservative party has been divided on plans to legalise same-sex marriages and there will be a vote on February 5.

But other celebrities such as Coronation Street’s Anthony Cotton and Charlie Condou have also shown their support to get marriage equality onto the statute books in Britain.

They are supporting the Lesbian and Gay Foundation’s Love Equal Marriage drive which is the North West England’s leading LGBT organisation.

Charlie, 40, who plays Marcus Dent in the soap, said: “I believe in equality for everyone – it is a civil right, not a privilege.”

LGBT argues that civil partnerships do not offer the same rights that marriage does such as the relationship cannot be dissolved the same.

A spokesman for Lesbian Gay Foundation said: “It’s fantastic we have so many high-profile supporters like John supporting this important issue. With the MP’s free vote taking place on February 5 it’s crucial that people take action and write to their MP in support of equal marriage. We’re urging people to take action now! Visit”

The UK government has brought forward proposals for full marriage equality for England and Wales and the Scottish government is also taking action with both bills set to be debated this year.