Joseph’s Million Pound Drop boost

Comedian Josh Widdicombe and TV presenter Alex Brooker on Million Pound Drop and (below) the Kendrick family
Comedian Josh Widdicombe and TV presenter Alex Brooker on Million Pound Drop and (below) the Kendrick family

JOSEPH’S Goal - which was launched by the WEP this week - has already received an unexpected boost from a TV personality.

Three-year-old Joseph Kendrick is one of less than 500 children in the world living with Non-Ketotic Hyperglycinemia (NKH), an incredibly rare genetic condition that affects one in 60,000 births.

His parents, Emma and Paul - the Latics correspondent for the Wigan Evening Post and Wigan Observer - were initially told they wouldn’t get him out of hospital.

But his incredible fighting spirit has led them to creating Joseph’s Goal, to raise awareness and funds towards research into the disorder.

And the campaign got off to a flying start when Channel 4’s Paralympics presenter Alex Brooker, a friend of the family, beat The Million Pound Drop alongside comedian Josh Widdicombe – and donated £25,000 of his winnings to the fund.

Alex, 28, said: “It was so much fun, but I was aware there was a lot at stake for the charities. That’s what made it nerve-wracking.

“Paul’s a good mate and it’s a great cause to play for – I didn’t have any hesitation when he asked me. I’m happy and extremely proud to get the ball rolling for Joseph’s Goal.”

If the atmosphere in the studio was tense, it was unbearable in the Kendrick household as the family watched along with millions of TV viewers.

“It was proper edge-of-the-seat stuff, but we knew they’d come good in the end,” said Paul, 35.

“We can’t thank Alex and Josh enough. That money will do so much good – and hopefully this is just the start.”

The money raised through Joseph’s Goal will support the research being conducted by Dr Johan Van Hove at the University of Colorado – the only man on the planet seeking a cure for the condition.

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To make a donation towards Joseph’s Goal, with every penny going towards research into NKH, please click here