Josie’s causing trouble...

Catherine Tyldesley
Catherine Tyldesley
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CATHERINE Tyldesley almost came face to face with her nemesis, controversial model Josie Cunningham.

The pair were both in ITV’s studios as Josie was a guest on This Morning.

A few weeks ago, Catherine, who is dating Standish personal trainer Tom Pitfield, tweeted that she wanted to “smack” pregnant mum Josie, who hit headlines after saying she would abort her baby to appear in Big Brother.

The Coronation Street star tweeted: “If she ever gets on my bus, I’ll smack her myself. #disgrace,” She since deleted the tweet, but not before Josie reportedly called the police to alert them to it.

Catherine’s spokeswoman said that her Twitter comment had been “a figure of speech” and that she “doesn’t condone violence.”

Josie realised they were in the same building when she spotted the soap actress on a monitor. She said: “I hope she smacks me. I’d love her to smack me.”

The wannabe glamour model attracted disbelief when she announced she was selling tickets to ‘fans’ to see her give birth for £10,000.

Meanwhile, Josie may have a new enemy in the form on Kelly Brook as she revealed she would love to get close to her fiance, David McIntosh, of Ashton, as the pair are rumoured to appear on the celebrity version of Big Brother.

Speaking to The Mirror, Josie revealed: “I’d love to be in a room with David McIntosh overnight.

“I’m sure Kelly wouldn’t mind. I would like to just oil him up!”

Meanwhile, Kelly has revealed her upcoming autobiography, Close Up, out in September, will be an “honest” account of her life.

She said: “This was such a fantastic experience and I hope for it to inspire young women to live life on their own terms and not be defined by other people’s perception or limitations.

“I have overcome a lot in my short life and I want to share for the first time my feelings and perspective. This is a deeply personal, truthful and honest account of many things that have happened to me.”