Jurgen Klopp baubles, memories of lost loved ones, and dummies: Wigan's most treasured Christmas decorations

Most people have got a special decoration that means the world to them.

When we asked you to share some of your most precious trinkets and reminders, we got some heartfelt and some surprising results.

Gillian Gregory's Jurgen Klopp bauble

Gillian Gregory's Jurgen Klopp bauble

Gillian Gregory told us: “I asked my son to come and point out his favourite bauble on our tree this year - he saw it straight away.

"he just said ‘Oh no, I don’t believe it!’ then ripped it off and went on a little rant about how ‘no way Klopp was going on his tree'.

“He found it funny, though, it’s all healthy banter he has with his grandad who is a massive Liverpool supporter and my son Leo, 10, is a Manchester United fan.”

Catherine Brewer had a more poignant reminder in the shape of a child's dumnmy.

Catherine Brewer's dummy decoration

Catherine Brewer's dummy decoration

“It was actually one of our Foster children's dummies.

"She moved on from us a few days before Christmas years ago.

“We found the dummy that she had left behind so hung it on the tree - that was eight years ago, and we still put it on our tree every year.

“When they left us we were happy for them to go to their forever family, but also devastated to see them leave us.

Lee Ellis' 100-year-old decoration

Lee Ellis' 100-year-old decoration

“We still miss them now and they have a special place in our hearts as they were the first children we fostered.

“The dummy always becomes a talking point and brings back lots of happy memories.”

Lee Ellis contacted us with a 100-year-old decoration.

“They belonged to my nan and grandad.

Carol Anders-King's glass bauble

Carol Anders-King's glass bauble

“They used to have the same Christmas tree from the war years - an old broom pole with wire branches, with tinsel wrapped round it.

“It was their fairy every year - my mum reckons she may have broken the leg and arm when she was a child!”

Carol Anders-King told us about her glass decoration:

“The bauble means a lot to me, so much so that I did the same for both my sons who are both now married with their own families.

“It has become something of a family tradition as they both bought a Christmas ornament for their children.

“Seeing it on the tree throughout the Christmas period reminds me of happy family Christmases and my dad - who is no longer with us.

Tracey Thompson's tribute to her dad: I miss him dearly.

Tracey Thompson's tribute to her dad: I miss him dearly.

“He loved this time of the year and made it fun for all the family.”

Finally, Tracey Thompson wanted us to know about her glass ‘dad’ bauble:

“My mum left when I was 5 and dad raised me alone.

“I have 4 children and my dad was a massive support to us all - breakups and upsets came along the way but he was constantly by my side, no matter what.

“He was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2014, which spread to brain.

"He died on new years day 2017 and he was my hero - against all odds, he was the best dad who was loved by all who knew him.

“I miss him dearly.”

Thanks all for telling us your stories, and Merry Christmas.