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Ting Tings
Ting Tings

FANS of The Ting Tings would assume the band rehearse a lot and are keen to get everything spot on.

But drummer Jules de Martino admitted that he and Lowton-born singer Katie White are so in sync with each other that they bounce off one another and just let the music do the talking.

He said: “There’s definitely that energy between us.

“If one of us is off... no, that’s the end of the gig.

“You have two people at 100 percent all through the whole gig.

“It changes all the time; we make mistakes. We never over-rehearse. We go in and we rehearse for two days and everything is up in the air. “No, no we’re not ready. We don’t know what pick is placed where.” We’re looking at each other, Katie does not quite know when I’m going to hit the chords or... it’s all live. There’s no instrumentals or backing track. It’s all us and our peddles and our floor and our feet. Every gig has a bit of a spontaneous moment in it.”