Kay falls out with RSPCA

Kay Burley
Kay Burley

KAY Burley has had an eventful week, which included a cyber hack and a falling out with the RSPCA.

The outspoken Sky News broadcaster was targeted by trolls who e-mailed her friends and told them that she had been robbed and assaulted.

The email, which was sent from her personal account, claimed that she was currently out of the country and needed to be sent cash to “sort out some bills”. However, Kay put the record straight on Twitter by stating: “I am not stuck overseas,” she wrote. “I’ve not been robbed and I don’t have an account in Nigeria. #HackedSoz.”

The former Beech Hill resident also took to Twitter to lash out at the RSPCA after she expressed concerns about a lost dog.

The animal lover, who has dogs herself, contacted the organisation after seeing a “terrified” Staffordshire bull terrier, who was lost and running wild in her local park in Harrow, West London. She said; “The staffie was both in danger of being run over and quite obviously suffering severe distress.”

The RSPCA advised her that the dog was not Kay’s problem, adding: “We can’t pick up stray dogs unless in danger or severely suffering. You’ll need to contact your local council.”

Kay wrote: “Totally unacceptable tone and response Such a dismissive tone. Atrocious PR” and has announced she will be cancelling her monthly subscription to the charity and will be cutting them out of her will.

Harrow Council is reported to be looking into it.