Kay gets her bottom in shape

Kay Burley
Kay Burley

CAN Kay Burley get a bottom like Kylie Minogue’s?

The Sky News reader has attended a boot camp in attempt to tone up and get super fit.

She went to Champney’s Boot Camp in Hertfordshire for a week and diaried her experience in the Daily Mail.

She said: “I want a bottom like Kylie’s. It was my honest response to the fitness instructor who asked my goal for the week-long Champney’s Boot Camp.

“The coach smiled at my over ambition as he unfurled the inch tape. The results didn’t make good reading, especially not in centimetres.

“We started with the usual icebreaker games, then stern warnings that diets don’t work, then straight to lunch. “This was going to be easy.”

Three hours later, I was cursing my complacency. We’d walked for more miles than I had covered in some time.

“I went to bed exhausted but enthusiastic about the week ahead.

“The 6.30am wake-up call was a shock to the system, especially followed by stretch, bodysculpt, yoga, power walk and circuit training, all before lunch.”

Kay also entered into the team spirit, playing netball and water polo, as well as enduring heavy days of circuit training, country hikes and zumba.

She concluded: “By Friday I was feeling fitter and more motivated. Waking up early for bodysculpt was a walk in the park and I had a brilliant time playing rounders and water polo.

“ Before I knew it, it was Saturday again, and crunch time. Many of the group had lost more than half a stone and centimetres to match. I had burned at least 2,600 calories a day and walked more than 140,000 steps.

“Did I have a bottom like Kylie’s? Well, more like Carol Vorderman’s, but I’ll take that.”