Kay’s fall

Kay Burley
Kay Burley

KAY Burley lost her phone - and her footing - in a media scrum involving the missing Malaysia Airlines plane.

The former Beech Hill resident was reporting live for Sky News in Kuala Lumpur when relatives of the missing passengers were chased up escalators by journalists, camera men and photographers.

The newsreader could be heard shouting “I’ve lost my phone!” and “I should have gone to the gym!” as she ran up an escalator in the wrong direction, and appeared to fall over as she got to the top.

Two men also followed suit in a comical fashion.

Two relatives of the passengers had previously been forcibly removed from the news conference after trying to unveil a banner.

After finding her phone, Kay spoke about how one of the relatives had been knocked to the floor by the media frenzy.

Kay was then subjected to abuse on Twitter with one posters saying: “Sky News reporting about the “chaos” of media scrum at Malaysian Plane conference.. chaos which their own Kay Burley is helping to cause.”

The press conference had been organised in order to provide new information about the missing passenger plane, which disappeared on March 8.