Kay’s office romance

Kay Burley
Kay Burley
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KAY Burley has spoken fondly of her time working at The Wigan Evening Post, formerly Post and Chronicle.

The 52-year-old, who grew up in Beech Hill, told The Big Issue how she dreamed of being an Olympic sprinter but decided she needed to earn a living and enjoyed writing.

She said: “I managed to get work experience at the Post and Chronicle. And from that two-week experience I decided what I wanted to do.

She also recalled how she feel in love as she “met a man who was very cool and smooth, I was completely besotted.

“I can’t remember if he had his own car but he certainly always knew which bus route to take.

“He took me to dinner in the poshest restaurant in Wigan and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

“I married him.”

Sadly her marriage to Steve Burley never lasted, and she later married football agent Steve Kutner, who she divorced a year later.

Kay has certainly climbed up the career ladder and was one of six people to set up Sky News, where she is now a leading broadcaster.

She added: “I might not have got into journalism and found the best job in the world.”