Kay’s secret crush

Kay Burley
Kay Burley

A WIGAN pairing could be in the making as Sky News reader Kay Burley admits she has a crush on Leigh MP Andy Burnham.

As a newsreader and writer - with two published novels - First ladies and Betrayal - the world of politics is never far from Kay’s mind.

And so when asked which politicians she fancied, the former Beech Hill resident told The Telegraph that she thought Andy Burnham was good looking, along with Chuka Umunna, the youthful shadow secretary for Business, Innovation and Skills.

The question was also posed whether she thought about entering the world of politics.

She said: “Actually, that’s a very good question.

“I hadn’t until the mayoral elections, but when I was in the polling booth, I started thinking about some conversations I’d had with a local councillor about plans a resident has to build a great big mothership next door.

“And I thought ‘I quite fancy a bit of that, being a councillor.’ I would have to be an independent, and I’m thinking about it quite seriously.”

Kay is busy promoting Betrayal - a tale of newsroom rivalry - and she revealed she had to rush to finish it while waiting on the Egyptian border to go into Libya for a new story. Now that is dedication!