Kay says sorry for off air blunder

Kay Burley
Kay Burley
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KAY Burley has apologised for swearing at a Scottish Independence ‘yes’ campaigner who attempted to hit her cameraman with a stick - whilst on air.

The Sky News reader was in Aberdeen on Wednesday in the lead-up to the referendum on independence but was repeatedly heckled by passionate campaigners as she broadcast a series of live reports.

At one point, unaware that her mic was live, the former Beech Hill resident was clearly heard to refer to the campaigner in a negative light, using a swear word.

The video clip was posted online for viewers to watch over and over again.

She claims the man had tried to hit her cameraman with a stick, referring to his act as not acceptable and she later took to Twitter to apologise for any offense caused.

She said: “Soz for poor language - never alone with a microphone! Challenging environment ;-)”

Her slip-up got a few laughs and messages of support, with fans calling it ‘hilarious’, whilst one Twitter user, Katie Hughes, said: “@KayBurley I have just watched u on tv saying there are one or two Yes campaigners here being a bit lairy? Man with balloons lol get real!!!”

Following a referendum, people in Scotland voted against breaking away from the United Kingdom in a bid to gain independence.