Kelly Brook Close Up

Kelly Brook and David McIntosh
Kelly Brook and David McIntosh
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KELLY Brook has lifted the lid on her turbulent life as her autobiography Close Up has been launched.

In extracts released through The Sun newspaper, the 34-year-old revealed she had a violent childhood and admitted she hit exes Jason Statham and Danny Cipriani.

The model wrote that she used to dread the weekends as a child as it meant going to the local pub with her parents who often got too drunk, resulting in regular fights.

She explained: “Sunday was pub day. There would be a fight and the police would be called. Or my dad would drive off in his truck.

“One of the worst times was when my dad came back from the pub and started throwing furniture around.

“My mother, Sandra, called the police and my dad, Kenneth, tried to climb out of the window to escape. “He broke his leg trying to avoid them and they had to carry him down the stairs. It was one of the most traumatic events in my childhood.”

She also spoke frankly about her two miscarriages with ex Thom Evans.

Kelly said: “Because I was around the six month mark, everyone was torn between whether this should be seen as a miscarriage or a still birth. In my mind, it was a miscarriage. It was the most painful thing. Thom and I spent a lot of time crying that week.”

The One Big Happy star also spoke openly about her turbulent relationships with Jason Statham and Danny Cipriani, where she would hit them in a jealous rage over their flirting.

It has also been revealed that she is planning a TV programme with fiance David McIntosh, formerly of New Springs and Ashton, on how to obtain the perfect body.

The former marine and personal trainer is also set to launch a range of protein foods.

Speaking of his time in the Celebrity Big Brother house, he said he found it hard not being able to talk to Kelly, saying: “That was the only thing I was bothered about in there.”

He also brushed aside former Big Brother contestant Chanelle Hayes’ digs about him being a terrible date and a scrounger, by pretending not to know her, adding: “I’m a very generous person.”

The 28-year-old admitted he is not bothered about what is written in the papers, saying: “I am very thick-skinned.

“Hopefully in the next few weeks, months you’ll get a fuller picture of me, rather than labelling me as some sort of muscle-bound bloke.”