Kelly not in the love zone

Kelly Brook
Kelly Brook

KELLY Brook said she is happy being single and is not looking to date yet.

The actress has denied dating model James Lee Taylor and says she is moving on from ex fiance David McIntosh, of Platt Bridge, who she split up with last month,

She told Hello: “We don’t speak and I have no idea what he is doing. I have so moved on from that.

“I read that I was supposed to be dating a model, James Lee Taylor. He stars in a Sketchers advert with me and that’s as far as it goes. He’s a lovely guy but there is absolutely nothing going on.

“I’m not interested in anybody. It doesn’t matter how good looking, fit or talented they are, I’m just not in that zone at all.

“When people ask me if I want a husband and kids, I guess I say yes because I think that’s what I should say. But is it what I really, really want? I look at my life and all the opportunities I have - I can travel when I want, earn all this money and spend it all on myself. I’m sure marriage and kids is lovely, but so is my life. I think I need to grow up a lot before I have children. That isn’t what I want right now.

“I’ve learnt that if things aren’t working out, move on from it and don’t dwell on it or fix it. Life goes by so quickly and you just have to be happy. You never know what’s around the corner and I just don’t want to waste time, especially at my age.”

She added that although she feels completely at home in LA, she would love a house in England.

She added: “I have a great fashion line with Simply Be so I’ll always go back. But I’ll stay in LA as long as I’m still working.”

Kelly is currently promoting her role in One Big Happy, where she stars as British woman Prudence, who marries a guy who is having a baby with his lesbian friend.

She said: “They were casting everywhere. Producer Ellen DeGeneres thought I was funny. It was a pretty big compliment coming from someone of Ellen’s stature.”

And it seems her ex - Billy Zane - is proud of her.

He told The Sun: “I feel incredibly proud. I always knew she had a knack for comedy.

“It is nice to see she is well within her sweet spot right now. I think the audiences will be thoroughly charmed.”