Kerry’s cash woes

Kerry Katona
Kerry Katona

KERRY Katona’s bank balance has always been a bit of a talking point.

The 32-year-old, who moved to a secluded spot in Wigan earlier this year, admitted last month that she was renting her home and had hardly any money left following a huge tax bill from doing Celebrity Big Brother.

But a spokesman denied that she had financial difficulties and with the recent Big Reunion Tour and talk of a new Atomic Kitten album, things could be looking up for the once troubled star.

Kerry was previously declared bankrupt in 2008 after failing to pay the final instalment of a tax bill reaching more than £400,000.

This was lifted when she repaid the debt in 2011.

The reality star was criticised for fronting an ad campaign for payday loans company Cash Lady, as it suggested it was possible to afford her lavish popstar lifestyle by using its services.

The ad was banned by Advertising Standards Agency, but the firm has relaunched a similar ad just days afterwards.

Meanwhile, Kerry is on cloud nine following her engagement to former Warrington rugby player George Kay.

Atomic Kitten bandmate Liz McClarnon has spoken to New! magazine about how right the pair are for each other.

Liz said: “I’m really excited for her.

“When I first spoke to her, she was still a bit overwhelmed and couldn’t get her head around it, but she is really happy.

“Everyone loves George as well. It’s funny, Kerry can be stressed out by something, but she’ll turn around to George and she’ll just beam. He distracts her from mundane things.”

Liz also spoke of enjoying seeing Kerry’s children, Molly, 11, Lilly-Sue, 10, Heidi, six, and Max, five, when they are on tour,

She said: “They are all really well behaved, but the older ones have got these larger-than-life personalities.

“They are sarcastic, witty and come out with these one-liners that make you go, ‘You’re too young to say that!’”

And no-one can ever accuse Kerry of shying away from her troubled past.

The singer is to share her life story in Channel Five’s My Secret Past. She will discuss her mental health issues, which involves confronting her troubled childhood and family life.

The episode is to air next year.

Kerry will appear on Loose Women on Tuesday with fiance George.