Kim’s The Cube test for our Carrie

Kym Marsh with her mum and dad Pauline and Dave
Kym Marsh with her mum and dad Pauline and Dave

CORONATION Street star Kym Marsh will have a fellow Wiganer very much in mind as she stars on the TV challenge show The Cube.

The Ashton actress is to take on a series of touch, balance and memory tests in a celebrity version of the ITV hit to raise funds for Carrieon Fighting.

The charity was set up for nine-year-old Carrieanne North, from Golborne, who has muscular dystrophy.

The 37-year-old has pledged to support the charity after becoming a patron.

Kym said: “Being both a mother and a Wigan girl I was only too happy to get on board and hopefully do my bit to help.

“The family are friends of my eldest brother David, and this is how contact was first made.

“I’m delighted to be helping and only hope I can go some way to help to make a difference with fund-raising.”

Viewers will see the former Hear’Say singer test her ability, nerve and determination in a series of tasks inside the cube in a bid to win the top prize of a quarter of a million pounds.

Each player starts with nine lives and has to complete seven tasks to win the jackpot, but if they accept the challenge and lose all their lives during the game, they leave with nothing.

Meanwhile, Carrieon Fighting is gathering great pace.

A flock of stars have shown their support, by sporting wristbands and as a result, people from all over the globe are asking for the charity bands,

Carrieanne’s dad, Mark, said: “People are now helping us from all over and we have set up our own fund-raising packs. Wristbands are being sold all over the place, even in Australia, Canada and Greece thanks to family members.”

The family is holding a charity waxing day at Golborne Parkside on March 29 and are appealing for raffle prizes.

They are also in the process of organising a pedal boat race down the canal near Leigh in July but are appealing for support from companies which would be willing to supply boats.

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The Cube, the celebrity version, presented by Philip Schofield, is aired every Saturday night.

The date of Kym’s episode has yet to be announced.