Kym and Jamie’s love dramas

Kym Marsh  with fiance Jamie Lomas
Kym Marsh with fiance Jamie Lomas

KYM Marsh’s relationship with Jamie Lomas has once again hit the headlines.

National newspapers have reported that Jamie has cheated on Ashton’s favourite actress,

The Sun revealed that the ex-Hollyoaks actor allegedly invited carer Katie Moores back to his hotel room after meeting her in Leeds.

There were claims the pair shared a long kiss, and were playfighting on the bed.

There were no indications that it went any further.

So far Kym, has remained tight-lipped on the revelations and just hours after the story broke, Kym appeared all smiles as she was interviewed on BBC Breakfast to promote the Coronation Street musical - Street of Dreams.

As she was asked about her personal life and how she coped with the press attention, she said: “You just get on with it don’t you really, it’s just part of the job. It’s tricky.”

The 35 year old also joked that she might not be able to attend all of the musical shows around the UK, because she has such a busy family life, especially with one-year-old Polly.

Meanwhile, the couple, who are engaged, put on a united front and were snapped looking very much together.

The pair had picked up tickets for a football match and went shopping in Selfridges.

They then returned to their home in Worsley.

Kym has also had to deal with other family woes, as her mum, Pauline recently cracked her ribs and her dad, Dave was in hospital suffering from heart problems.