Kym plans a Christmas run

Kym Marsh with her daughter Polly
Kym Marsh with her daughter Polly

KYM Marsh is not going to let her Christmas dinner ruin her svelte figure as she plans to run it off.

The Ashton-born star is having a quiet day on December 25 as her children Emilie, David and Polly are with their dads, so she says she and her boyfriend Matt Baker will go for a run.

To be honest, as it is just us on Christmas Day, Matt and I will probably go for a run

Kym Marsh

She told OK! magazine; “To be honest, as it is just us on Christmas Day, Matt and I will probably go for a run.

“I’ve got a newfound excitement about my exercise and I can’t let my fitness slip.”

Kym added she will miss being with her children on Christmas Day morning.

She said: “Christmas Day morning will be tough without Polly as I imagine she will be charging down the stairs to see what Santa has left. But I’ll have next year and I’m sure she will be as excited then. She will have presents with me later in the day too.”

After a quiet morning, Kym will be reunited with her children and they will visit family and friends.

Kym also spoke about how her children get on with Matt, who is from Leigh.

She said: “I’m lucky that he has a good relationship with all my children - Polly adores and they all get on great, but he’s not their dad and he isn’t trying to be either.”

The pair dated briefly shortly after she split with ex-husband Jamie Lomas but they reunited a few months ago. She said: “It wasn’t the right time for me to be involved with anyone. I’m much further down the line, but neither of us wants to put too much pressure on it.

“I’ve realised I’ve been guilty of hurrying into things too soon in the past and things have turned out the way they have. Being alone doesn’t scare me now.

“Before, I used to have a weird anxiety about being on my own. David and Emilie are older and some days Pol is with her dad, so it is just me.

“Sometimes you want to tell someone how your day is - but I’m in a relationship for the right reasons at the moment.”

She also spoke about remarrying, saying it was not something she was not thinking about.

The 39-year-old, who lives in Cheshire, also revealed that she wants to move back to Warrington, to be near parents, Pauline and Dave.