Kym’s daughter dramas

Kym Marsh
Kym Marsh

KYM Marsh is facing an agonising few weeks as she awaits the results of tests for her youngest daughter’s sleep patterns.

The Ashton-born actress revealed that three-year-old Polly doesn’t sleep well and so she had undertook a sleep study at hospital.

She is waiting for results, but believes she has obstructive sleep apnoea, which means when she goes to sleep her muscles relax and her tonsils can fall into her airway, which can restrict the amount of oxygen going into her body.

Kym said in her OK! column: “I spent the night perched on her bed trying to comfort her, as she was disturbed being in a strange place.

“We believe she has obstructive sleep apnoea. It can be really scary assometimes she can stop breathing for a few seconds.

“Poor thing, she may have to have her tonsils out. She was unfazed when she got home, though, as she walked straight into the house and changed into one of her princess dresses.

“She wears one every day and sometimes I put a bit of lipstick on her and do her hair.”

And the Coronation Street star has had to deal with an internet user setting up a fake account for her eldest daughter, Emily Cunliffe,

Venting her fury on Twitter, she posted a screenshot of the page and writing: “This is NOT my daughters Facebook!! Some sick sick people out there!!” She then added two hours later: “Again another account that is not my daughters Facebook and whoever this is has stolen a photo that I have not made public.”

It appears to have been taken down from the social media site since.