Kym’s daughter warns of fake account

A fake profile has been created for Emilie Cunliffe
A fake profile has been created for Emilie Cunliffe

KYM Marsh’s daughter has once again become victim to online trolls as another fake Facebook and Instagram profile has been created.

Emilie Cunliffe took to Twitter to explain that the account was not hers as she posted: “If anyone comes across other accounts other than... ‘Emilie Cunliffe’ on facebook or ‘emilieeeecx’ on Instagram they are fakes so report!!

“These freaks that are pretending to be me are speaking to loads of people, saying I’m a lesbian, and taking my pics. Stop - it’s dangerous!

“I don’t accept anyone I don’t know on facebook/Instagram so if you don’t know me personally and have an account in my name, ITS NOT ME!!!!”

One account (pictured) has already closed down after being reported, but it is believed others are still active.

Meanwhile, Ashton-born Kym has revealed that Emilie’s singing career could be given a lift with the help of music producer Damon Hess.

The Coronation Street actress wrote in her OK column: “Things are looking up for Emilie’s singing career, which is great news. A record company wants to put out Damon Hess’s single Dance Floor, which she featured on, so we’re in talks about that at the moment.

“It’s at the earliest stages and I’ve got people checking it out at the moment - I’m sure it’s all fine but I want to protect her interests, although it’s exciting to think that something good will come out of it.”