Kym’s fears over daughter’s op

Kym Marsh with her daughter Polly
Kym Marsh with her daughter Polly

KYM Marsh’s daughter will need surgery to fix her breathing problems while she is asleep.

The Ashton-born actress revealed that her three-year-old girl, Polly, will need her tonsils out to fix her obstructive sleep apnoea. The condition causes her to stop breathing for a few seconds whilst she is asleep.

Kym told her OK! column: “She’ll be going under anaesthetic, which is not something you want, but it needs to be done as the condition can be dangerous. I’m gutted for her and I’m upset - it’s scary enough for an adult and she’s so young - but I’m told it’s quite a simple procedure, so she should be in and out.”

The former Hear’Say singer was also a special guest at a ball in Exeter for The Harry Cunningham Trust, created in honour of Harry who died in 2012, aged 26 weeks of vasa praevia - a fatal condition which affects premature babies. Since Kym lost her own baby Archie when he was stillborn in 2009, she has been fund-rasing for baby bereavement charities. She said: “I gave out some awards but I was so moved that I gave a speech, It was very emotional.”

Meanwhile, Kym’s Coronation Street castmate Anthony Cotton revealed that Sir Ian McKellen would love to return to the soap. Sir Ian, who grew up in Wigan, appeared on the ITV show for three weeks in 2005, playing conman Mel Hutchwright. Anthony said: “His role wasn’t just a cameo and he was amazing. Ian did say to me, and I’m going to put this out there, ‘I think it’s about time that Mel Hutchwright maybe made a reappearance’. It was a brilliant storyline, written especially for him, playing a scoundrel.”