Kym’s marriage hope

Kym (left) in Corrie
Kym (left) in Corrie

KYM Lomas is adamant she WILL make her marriage to husband Jamie work.

The couple are said to be living apart at the moment following a series of rows and although Jamie is living in London during the week whilst filming his new role in EastEnders, sources suggest he is not staying in the family home when he is back up North.

But the Ashton-born actress, who plays Michelle Connor in Coronation Street, says she is not ready for divorce and is desperate for the pair to sort things out,

Insiders suggest that Jamie’s time away in LA to pursue an acting career caused friction and with the fact he is in London for EastEnders, she is annoyed she has been left to take care of the family again.

But the 37-year-old has put on a brave face, telling OK! magazine: “Jamie’s in a good place as he’s just got his job in EastEnders. It’s brilliant news. He needed to get a break and he’s got a fantastic break on one of the biggest shows on TV.

“It’s fantastic and it’s going to give him a chance to flex his acting muscles.”

But Kym admitted she didn’t really watch the soap much, as she rarely has time to sit and watch TV, but added she will now have to make time.

And as photographers snatched a pic of her still wearing her wedding ring, she reminisced about her big day 11 months ago.

She said: “I was on such a high afterwards! Nothing went wrong and everything was absolutely perfect.

“People talked about it for months afterwards, which was so lovely.”

She also opened up about her son, Archie, who died a few hours after being born, and said that daughter Polly, who is two, knows about her big brother who is in heaven.

Kym said: “We’ve mentioned him, but obviously she doesn’t fully understand yet. We will tell her about him one day,but she knows his name.”

She added she still has Archie’s ashes in her bedroom, and will never scatter them, saying: “That’s something you do once you have got to know a person and you know they would like their ashes scattered.

“Unfortunately I never got the luxury of knowing Archie. All I know is that he was meant to come home with me and he didn’t.”

She added that her eldest son, David, wants a tattoo, similar to Kym’s, in memory of Archie.