Kym’s mini-me

Kym Lomas and her daughter Emily
Kym Lomas and her daughter Emily
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COULD Kym Lomas’s daughter follow in her footsteps?

Emily Cunliffe, 14, is a keen singer and even performed at her mum’s wedding to Jamie Lomas in September.

As she makes appearances at charity gigs with proud mum, Kym admitted she had caught the entertainment bug.

She said: “She’s inherited my personality and she’ll definitely be in the entertainment industry, she’s got that bug.

“Obviously I would prefer her to be lawyer or a doctor because the job situations aren’t that great.

“But it’s what she wants and I can’t stop her.

“She’s more interested in singing at the moment and she’s doing so well.

“If I’m doing a charity event, I’ll take her along and she’ll sing there to get experience.

“She’s too young to do anything yet, but maybe in a couple of years, she’ll be good to go.”

But the Ashton star admitted that she would be dubious about her entering any TV talent shows after appearing on Popstars herself, adding: “I know how difficult it is to maintain a career afterwards.”

She also revealed that the pair have a close relationship, saying, “she’s like my little best mate.”