Kym’s new name conundrum


KYM Lomas has begged Coronation Street chiefs to alter the soap’s credits to help her remember her married name.

The Ashton actress switched her name from Marsh to Lomas when she married former Hollyoaks actor Jamie Lomas in September, but she admitted sometimes she forgets her new alias.

She told The Sun: “I was at the doctor’s the other day and they were calling ‘Mrs Lomas’, and I was oblivious. But I love it.

“All my scripts now come addressed to Kym Lomas and the Corrie credits will change to that soon too.”

The star, who plays Michelle Connor in the soap, is delighted to be Mrs Lomas but it’s taking a while for her brain to catch up with her status.

A source told the paper: “She toyed with the idea of keeping her acting name as Kym Marsh, but then requested the change to try to help her remember she’s now a Lomas.”