Kym sets the record straight

Kym Marsh posts a selfie as she hits the gym
Kym Marsh posts a selfie as she hits the gym

KYM Marsh has denied any romantic involvement with her personal trainer.

Last week it was reported that the Ashton star had reignited her fling with 26-year-old Matt Baker, of Leigh, after the pair had both attended Coronation Street actor Antony Cotton’s 40th birthday bash.

I’m single and I intend to stay that way for the foreseeable

Kym Marsh

But the soap actress took to her column in OK! to dispel rumours.

She said: “Matt and I have been good friends for three years and we did briefly date before I met Dan Hooper. The papers always hype things up and that’s something I have had to get used to over the years.

“Matt and I went to Antony Cotton’s 40th birthday party together and I am enjoying his company, but we are certainly not in a relationship. Matt’s a lovely guy and we both enjoy hanging out together - we’re both single and we share the same friends and he’s cheered me up. So yes, we’ve spent a bit of time together socially the last couple of weeks, which has been great, but there’s nothing more to it than that at the moment, I’m single and I intend to stay that way for the foreseeable.”

Meanwhile, Kym has been told to keep her mouth shut! The Coronation Street actress and singer has been told to rest her voice as she has nodules on her vocal chords.

She said: “I knew something was wrong as my voice cuts out occasionally when I’m singing or speaking and some days I sound really hoarse. My doctor said that the nodules can be reversed by speech therapy, as often they’re caused by bad habits when speaking and singing - I have no idea what I have done wrong!

“They decided against an operation to remove them because my vocal chord could be damaged. I was just told to be aware of it and rest my voice as much as I can.”

But at least she can keep vocal on Twitter. Proud of her first ex-husband, Jack Ryder, she retweeted a post by ‏@FullMontyPlay: “Jack Ryder of Eastenders is now a director and will helm this new award winning production @msm4rsh @EastEndersPress.” She also tweeted her support of Wigan Council’s plans for an armed forces hub: “Proud of my hometown Wigan!!! Supporting our armed forces.”