Kym wants more children

Kym Marsh with her son David Cunliffe
Kym Marsh with her son David Cunliffe

KYM Marsh is considering adding to her brood with fella Dan Hopper.

Dan recently into her Manchester home and they have already discussed bringing new children to the family. As Kym would struggle to carry full-term, due to previous pregnancy complications, they have discussed adoption or even surrogacy. She told OK!: “There are so many babies out there who need a home and I know we’d give a child a fantastic home. And there’s always surrogacy. Later down the line, when we’ve had a couple of years together, we’ll think about that.”

Kym already has three children: David, 19, Emily, 16, and three-year-old Polly, and Dan has a daughter - Lexi, four, with Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Waring.

Kym said; “David and Emily met Dan quite soon and David and Dan just hit it off - they are best mates. I obviously didn’t introduce Polly straight away. We had fallen in love by the time they met and it felt right.” Kym added that Lexi only lives 10 minutes away and she gets on really well with Polly, as they are a similar age.

The couple actually met on the set of Coronation Street a few years ago but were both in relationships. But they met again whilst in a bar in Manchester and got talking. They then met up in the presence of friends and got to know each other.

Meanwhile, Kym has spoken over her fears for her son David after he went to hospital with suspected meningitis in June. He was discharged but he suffered chest pains and couldn’t breath so went to hospital and suffered a suspected heart attack. She said: “We had a real scare. I was in floods of tears.”