Lachlan inspires charity walkers

Emma Harvey with husband Mark and children Lachlan and Kai
Emma Harvey with husband Mark and children Lachlan and Kai
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A WIGAN mum is going the extra mile for her son - Emma Harvey is determined to raise precious funds for autism since her son, Lachlan, was diagnosed with the condition.

And she is holding a sponsored walk in aid of her awareness group, Love Autism, in the hopes of getting it to charity status.

Emma said: “Since my four-year-old was diagnosed I have set out to provide a service for others whose children have the disorder. The idea of the group was to bring families in the area together and share ideas and information on the condition to help parents fully understand how to deal with it.

“It’s also important to let them know that they’re not alone as living with it can be difficult. In just the space of a few short months though we are growing and expanding fast.

“We have done a couple of sponsored walks already at Haigh Hall but I want to continue to raise as much as we can. People are wanting more from us and we are working with Wigan Council who are being so helpful.

“We have received grants from them but we want to raise more money so that we can finally achieve charity status. Since the Government cuts it has been difficult to get the money we need so we want to do as many fund-raisers as we can so that we can help more people. We want to provide training for parents so they know how to deal with behaviour and other traits of autism.”

Autism is a condition which usually affects people’s development, social interaction, imagination and communication.

Emma set up the group to not only help herself understand and cope with the disorder but to also guide other mums through what can be described as one of the most difficult stages within their life.

Since its birth last December, Love Autism has received funding from Wigan Council.

The authority’s monitoring and support officer, Allana Mitchell, said: “We have supported Love Autism with a small grant to enable them to run schemes during school holidays. The feedback from families that have attended the Love Autism sessions has been very positive and we are pleased to be able to offer them this assistance.”

The Haigh Hall sponsored autism walk will be held on April 7 from 10.45am. For more information contact Emma on 07730 582487.