Laura’s musical legends

Laura White's first EP cover
Laura White's first EP cover
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FORMER X Factor singer Laura White has touched many people with her music - including the family of Jimi Hendrix.

The Atherton-born star penned a track called Jimi Hendrix for her debut EP, What My Mother Taught Me, and his relatives were so moved by it, they wanted to contact her.

She told Polari magazine: “I wrote that song because Hendrix is one of my biggest inspirations and he’s absolutely incredible.

“I met a guy who was in love with music, a little bit wild, very creative and reminded me of Jimi Hendrix.

“A few weeks ago, Jimi’s family got in touch to say they love the song. There’s been talk about going over to New York and playing the song there so it’s had an amazing reception. I wrote that song in about fifteen minutes and for it to cross the world has been fantastic.”

And that is not the only musical clap the 26-year-old has been given, as she has been compared to the late Amy Winehouse.

She said: “Everyone always mentions Amy. She was just incredible. I think people make comparisons because of my sound and very honest lyrics. She loved jazz like me and for a time, I had really long dark hair too. Amy was quite a vulnerable person and used her music to be honest about it. If people can hear her in my music that is fine with me because she was an amazing artist.”

Laura added that the EP is mostly about love and heartache and the things she has gone through with best friends.

She said: “Every single lyric I’ve written is true to me. To Be Loved, for example, is about one of my best friends who was going through a really bad time. He seemed so angry with me for so many things and he couldn’t express himself so we went through a really difficult time. I was really honest about our relationship in that song.”

And after receiving such a good reception for her EP, Laura is now working on her second one and has plans for a full album too.

She said: “I want to get as much of my writing as I can out there. Then I will start working on a full album. I just wanted to build up a collection of songs first.”

Laura will be performing at the Platform Christmas Showcase at Belles of Shoreditch, in London, on December 5, with a host of other artists,

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