Laura’s secret solo gig

Laura White
Laura White

FOLLOWING the success of her two solo shows in Manchester and London, Laura White is do embark on a UK tour.

The Atherton singer, who found fame on The X Factor in 2008, wowed audiences this month as she sold out at Cirque, Queen’s Road, Manchester and at the Bedford in London.

And so she announced that she will be doing more concerts as a solo artist, singing songs from her second EP, No.95, named after her old address in Notting Hill, which was released a few weeks ago.

She posted on Facebook: “I am so excited to announce to everyone that I will be playing all over the UK due to an overwhelming response from my sold out shows in London and Manchester.”

But to keep fans guessing, there is no official tour date release, with Laura opting to post gigs on social media. She added: “Please keep on my Facebook/Twitter because I will be announcing impromptu performances regularly. These are my *secretshows* *2016* *laurawhite.*”

The 28-year-old, who signed her first deal with Turn First Records last year, added: “My album will come soon but for now I am happy to release my second EP as I want to give fans music that is written recent to me and music I know they are wanting to hear. I have written many songs for other artists which I hope to see in the charts and my music will be out monthly. After many years of creating I feel ready to drop lots of music for my fans. It is an exciting time.”