Lawson on the road

Former Winstanley College student Andy Brown, of boyband Lawson
Former Winstanley College student Andy Brown, of boyband Lawson
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COULD Lawson be stopping off at Wigan for a gig?

The four-piece boyband, which features former Winstanley College student Andy Brown, have announced that to promote the release of their seventh single, Roads, this month, they will be making seven stops in the UK.

They have not revealed where, but as Andy has links to the borough - could it be a favourite?

The band are also planning on releasing their second album - three years after they brought out Chapman Square.

Referring to the long gap, Andy said: “I think, for us, we wanted to make sure that we wrote an album that we absolutely loved. After releasing Chapman Square, which did really well commercially, we thought ‘let’s really take our time and write an album that we absolutely love. It takes a long time to write an album when you’ve got to be sure that all the tracks are banging on there, so we went out to Nashville and spent a good six months out there just writing, recording and experimenting with different sounds, and the results we came up with were amazing. We’re really excited to get it out there and, hopefully, people are going to love it.”

And speaking about having their new album being compared to their first release, he said: “To be honest, I don’t think it was pressure, I think it was more excitement for us. As a band, we’ve really matured; as a songwriter I’ve really got better, so I’m really excited now to get this next phase of Lawson out there because I think it’s a lot more grown up.”