Life’s a drag as Sir Ian discovers

Sir Ian McKellen
Sir Ian McKellen

SIR Ian McKellen has spoken of his shame of his ignorance of drag and transgender communities.

As narrator of the upcoming documentary Muslim Drag Queens, airing on Channel 4, the Wigan-born actor spoke of how the experience affected him personally.

I am just in awe of the cast and the others and the thousands who are not in the film

Sir Ian McKellen

He admitted that there are some aspects of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community that he still doesn’t know about and that Stonewall UK, a gay rights advocacy group that he co-founded in the 1980s, had taken on trans issues earlier this year.

He said: “I am just in awe of the cast and the others and the thousands who are not in the film.

“I’m ashamed how little I know about drag and trans and areas of being gay that I have not been part of. It makes me begin to understand what it was like 30, 40 years ago when people didn’t understand about simply being gay... You’re going to have to lead us and help us help you. I think you’re wonderful.

Muslim Drag Queens charts the journeys of Asif Quraishi, Imran and Ibrahim, who each have different stories to tell as they practice Islam but also dress up and perform by night.

The documentary also explores their struggle for acceptance and the conflicts they face to reconcile their sexuality and their faith.

The cast hope the film will raise awareness in the wider UK Asian community.

It will be shown on Channel 4 at 10pm on Monday August 24.