Limahl’s flight drama

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DESPITE travelling around the world with his music, eighties legend Limahl hates flying.

The Pemberton-born star who was the lead singer of Kajagoogoo told The 80s Empire: “I hate flying, but I decided that if I let the fear of flying get a grip I’ll never go anywhere so I just get on with.

“I definitely prefer the short flights though and if turbulence begins I’m the first one to skip a heartbeat. “It’s all about handing control over to someone else – in this case the captain.

“I’m the worst though, wondering if they’ve checked the breaks, wheels, fuel, etc.”

The fear may have started following a problem during a flight following a family holiday,

He added: “In the mid 1990s I took my mum and dad to the Canaries for two weeks.

“The captain came back on the tannoy and said: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, this is the captain, may I have your attention please.

‘We have detected a possible problem with the landing gear and we are not sure if it will function properly. ‘It was sticking but now it seems to be okay. However, as a precaution I have alerted the airport’s emergency services who will be on stand-by as we arrive. Do not be alarmed if you see their flashing lights.’

“I gulped and for a brief moment thought ‘Is this it?’

“I didn’t want to appear scared for mum and dad so I put on a brave face. I could see dad was quite concerned. “Needless to say the landing gear, thankfully, worked fine and I lived to sing another day. But it was the longest thirty minutes I’ve ever known.”