Limahl sings for his supper


EIGHTIES pop star Limahl has always been an entertainer.

The Pemberton-born star used to drag his younger sister, Caroline into cafes and sing for money.

Sister Caroline Gillespi, said: “He used to make me go to cafes and because he had spent his dinner money he used to sing to get extra cash.”

Limahl, whose real name is Christopher Hamill, also revealed he used to work at Rathbones bakery when he was at school and he delivered pies, adding: “I was raised on pies.”

Meanwhile, as Limahl has released a festive single - London For Christmas - he has spoken about his disappointment when he was axed from Kajagoogoo in 1983.

He told Metro: “I don’t feel I was properly told. The reason they gave was that they didn’t like being a teen band. They’d been together as Art Nouveau before I joined and were suddenly getting all this adulation – partly because we were produced by Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran – and they thought it was my fault. They thought the emphasis had gone on to our image rather than music. We only made one album and they said they’d do the second album without me.”

But he was briefly reunited with the band on a recent tour, with him adding: “We resolved a few things and toured Germany, Britain and did a new EP. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future.”