Literacy charity wins international award

Beanstalk literacy charity
Beanstalk literacy charity
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A SUCCESSFUL Wigan children’s charity has scooped up a prestigious honour at the 2015 US Library of Congress Literacy Awards.

Beanstalk claimed the International Prize in this year’s coveted competition which help support organisations working to alleviate the problems of illiteracy worldwide.

The title was won after the organisation showed it had a significant and measurable impact in increasing literacy skills within the borough.

Beanstalk aims to transform the ability, confidence and passion for reading amongst primary school children in Wigan who have previously struggled with their reading or been reluctant to read.

Through one-to-one literacy support provided by Beanstalk trained reading helpers, a child’s reading ability is transformed, with 93 per cent of children making progress with their reading attainment.

Amy Lewis, Beanstalk’s North West area manager, said: “Recognition by the US Library of Congress for our work is a major honour for Beanstalk and is a testament to the hard-work, dedication, and enthusiasm of our trained reading helpers.

“It is thanks to them that we are able to transform the lives of children in Wigan and ensure that they have the skills, confidence and imagination to reach their true potential.”

The International Prize comes with a donation of $50,000, which will be used to fund Beanstalk trained reading helpers and ensure that more children are able to reach their true potential.

Beanstalk works across the borough and supports many local children through hundreds of trained reading helper volunteers.

Each Beanstalk-trained reading helper works with, on average, three children, seeing each child for two 30 minutes sessions a week, during term-time, for three terms.

Together they read, play and talk. The Beanstalk sessions, which have no consequences for failure, mean that the approach to learning and enjoying reading is transformed.

Those who would like to become a Beanstalk trained reading helper then call 01204 275120 or visit