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Artist Hedley Wiggan
Artist Hedley Wiggan

ENTERTAINMENT legend George Formby has been immortalised on the tip of a pencil by miniaturist artist Hedley Wiggan.

A rising star of the art world, Wigan Infirmary technician Hedley has already been wowing the critics with tiny carvings on the ends of pencils and cocktails, following in the footsteps of his famous brother Willard, who has long been known the world over for his minuscule creations.

Previous works by Willard’s younger sibling have included busts of Marie-Antoinette, Sebastian Coe, Charles Dickens as well as a rat and the Olympic torch.

But with a surname like Hedley’s, the fact that he has lived much of his life in Wigan and works here, he was bound to get round to this project in the end, although it wasn’t without its challenges.

The 46-year-old dad said: “I was asking around at work who I should do next, and it kept coming back to George Formby who of course is a big name round here.

“It has proved one of the tougher ones. There were three breakages before I got it finished, the ukulele and his hat proving particularly difficult. In the end, it took me three weeks and was pretty stressful.”

The carving is now on show at the WiganPlus art gallery in the town’s Galleries shopping centre, helpfully accompanied by a photographic blow-up of the pencil end because it is extremely difficult to see with the naked eye.

Also on show is the latest of Hedley’s paintings which is a moonlit scene of Wigan town centre’s King Street.