McIntosh heading Down Under

David McIntosh with his Devil Dawg nutritional range
David McIntosh with his Devil Dawg nutritional range

DAVID McIntosh will be leaving the North of England for a spot down under.

The fitness fanatic, who grew up in Platt Bridge, has announced he will be moving to Australia before the summer approaches,

He said: “I won’t be in the UK by then. Yes it’s a sad day for all but I’m leaving.”

He then joked that he was going to Wales as a red coat for Butlins, his publicist confirmed: “David is moving to Australia some time in March as he gets a lot of work there and enjoys it.

“He hasn’t confirmed the exact date yet but he will return to the UK when work retires it.”

The 29-year-old has previously spoke of his desire to live in Australia, saying: “I’d love to live in Australia. It is a beautiful country with beautiful people. I’d like to live there definitely one day. I could see myself being over there long-term.”

Meanwhile, rumours are rife that David’s ex, Kelly Brook, may be striking a new relationship with former Hollyoaks actor, Ricky Whittle, who used to date Billinge actress Carley Stenson.

The pair were allegedly spotted getting on well at the Great British pre-Oscars party at the London Hotel in Hollywood.

A source had overheard Ricky telling Kelly that he had fancied her since she co-presented Big Breakfast and that, as a fellow fitness guru, he offered to help her on her new health kick and give her training tips.

Ricky briefly dated Bruce Willis’ daughter Rumer, last year and is currently working on The 100, a post apocalyptic drama.