Meet the stars of hit TV ad campaign

Jackie Rogerson at her slimming class at Bethel Family Church
Jackie Rogerson at her slimming class at Bethel Family Church
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TWO Wigan women have been unveiled as the stars of a popular TV ad.

Jackie Rogerson and Pat Aspinall have cemented their little place in television history with an amusing new fruit corner yoghurt advert for budget chain Aldi in which the latter jokes deadpan about it being a while since she had “a bit on the side.”

Both ladies are now revelling in their new found fame.

Jackie, 42, said: “I felt a bit famous especially in Hindley Green where I live because a lot of people know me there. When I walk into supermarkets, I’ve had quite a few people come up to me. The phone hasn’t stopped ringing either since it came on television, it’s crazy.

“I didn’t tell anybody that I was going to be appearing on the advert because I didn’t want to appear like I was bragging and I wanted to see what their reaction would be like when they saw it. I didn’t even tell my parents!

“Friends from all over the country have been ringing me. One friend was even holidaying in Tenerife and rang me from abroad to say she had seen it. Some people don’t even believe that I’m on it. I’ve had people in the street come up to me and say ‘oh you have a double on TV!’”

The advert was filmed in a house in Swinley, near Wigan Infirmary.

And it aired throughout breaks in popular soaps such as Coronation Street and Emmerdale.

Jackie and Pat were the lucky two chosen for their friendly northern accents for the light-hearted, humorous ad. The pair were picked from a selection of auditionees after being scouted at a weekly fitness class.

Slimming World Consultant Jackie said that it didn’t cross her mind that she would ever be chosen for the part.

She added: “When they called me to tell me the news I thought it would be a giggle. I was so nervous when I was filming.

“I mean I stand up every single day in front of people with my job and that doesn’t phase me at all but this was just totally different.

“But knowing that it was going to be shown to thousands of people across the country was just totally different.

“I really enjoyed filming though it was so funny. And I have never done anything like this before.

“My husband Wayne said the part is just perfect for me especially seeing as I know about different kinds of foods with my job. It was an absolute scream and I loved it.”

Spring View’s Pat, 74, said she too would recommend the experience, adding: “I was well looked after throughout the day of filming it was so exciting. I got on with everybody and it was a lovely day.

“And it was filmed in Wigan, too, which made it so easy for me to get there. So I couldn’t possibly turn down the once-in-a-lifetime experience.”