Model behaviour for the warriors lads

Harrison Hanson, Pat Richards, George Carmont and Ben Flowers
Harrison Hanson, Pat Richards, George Carmont and Ben Flowers

DON’T these rugged boys scrub up well?

Eight Wigan Warriors players stripped off their dirty rugby shirts to model more smart and trendy outfits for fashion chain Jacamo.

Chris Tuson, Lee Mossop, Jack Hughes, and Darrell Goulding, donned casual wear, whilst Pat Richards, George Carmont, Harrison Hanson and Ben Flowers, smartened themselves up to model formal wear.

The modelling work was part of the sponsorship deal between Jacamo and Wigan Warriors.

A spokesman for Wigan Warriors said: “Jacamo is our official club partner and sponsor for our website for the next 12 months, so we agreed some players to do some modelling for its online catalogue and website.

“I think some enjoyed it more than others.”

Harrison Hanson said: “It was good to do something different. It was a bit of a laugh. The lads were picked at random, but I think I was handpicked, and that is the story I am sticking with.”

A Jacamo spokesperson said: “We’re really excited to be working with the Wigan Warriors, as well as supporting local sport; we see it as a good way to illustrate our brand values. The message is clear - whether you’re a full back, scrum half or prop forward, Jacamo has fashionable menswear in sizes that will fit you.”

Jacamo specialises in providing clothes to fit men who find it hard to get clothes on the high street, so Wigan Warriors, who are different sizes, are perfect models.