Model student Jo’s fairy good!

Jo Pipkin
Jo Pipkin

AN ARTISTIC Wigan mum turned to fairy tales for inspiration for her final year degree project.

Jo Pipkin, a final year ceramics student at UCLan, has sculpted models based on Little Red Riding Hood, The Pied Piper, The Emperor’s New Clothes and her own story, Baps and Buns.

But the Shevington 45-year-old wanted to give the traditional yarns a modern twist. She said: “It became clear that as fairy tales were told over centuries they changed to become less gruesome than the originals. For my work I have delved into the original meanings, both literal and metaphorical, and related them to current times with renewed significance. Through this project I don’t want to preach or lecture, but light-heartedly highlight human imperfections and hopefully laugh at ourselves.”

Jo portrays Red Riding Hood as virtuous girl tempted by an older man; the Pied Piper lures children with a mobile phone, showing the powerful influence of social media; and modern society’s obsession with a perfect body image is the theme of Baps and Buns.

Each was hand modelled with added details using dental tools, fabric and wallpaper. Jo was inspired after reading the classic tales to her two young daughters and realising that women are often depicted as evil step-mothers or helpless damsels.