Moving on

Kelly Brook
Kelly Brook

FRESH from her split with former Ashton resident David McIntosh, Kelly Brook has a new man.

The beautiful model has posted a series of photos on Instagram with actor Michael Rosenbaum, 41, who played Lex Luther in Smallville.

They had been playing baseball and seemed to be getting on well. She had smeared warpaint on her face and wrote the caption: ‘Team Balls! Let’s Goooooo #SoftballSundays’

The pair first met in 2002 when Kelly played the role of Victoria Hardwick, a temptress who snares the supervillan as part of a plot to take over LexCorp.

Media reports that they got cozy just a week after she ended her six-week relationship with David, the former Gladiator star, Tornado, 27, fearing he was only with her to gain extra fame.